What the f**k is Blinux ???

Blinux means Bocal LINUX, I'm bad with names.
It's the distribution created by the Bocal for Epitech.

Wait, I thought that it was openSUSE ?

You're right, Blinux isn't exactly a Linux distribution, it's what we called in the openSUSE world a branding.

Branding ?

The openSUSE team pre-configure some software and put their logo on it.
We remove their configuration and logos and put ours.

Ok, why are you using openSUSE ?

Why not ?

Well I thought that Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora/ArchLinux/Mint/InsertSomeDistroNameHypeAtTheMoment was best ?

I don't talk about politics.

Fine, What are those code names ?

Again, bad with names.
I needed some codenames for the Blinux revision so I choose to use one alcohol and one snack name starting with the same letter for this.
Currently the stable release is Chartreuse Curly.

Ok, enough with names, what's installed ?

Everything you need for your Epitech projects.
The Epitech board provided us (The Bocal) a list of packages needed and we installed them.

Ah, talking about packages, how do I install some ?

You can't.

But I need something !!!

If it's related to an Epitech project, just tell your local Dean that you need it.
He'll forward the request and if the Epitech board judged you request available they'll ask us to update the OS.

But I need it NOW !!!

It's Linux, there is a 99% chances that you can compile it yourself and install it in your home directory.

Some student told me that it's easier to "ROOT" the machine, whatever that means.

On Linux the root user is the Super User of the system. It can do whatever he wants, included install some packages.
On Blinux you are not root. It's an OS for you projects, you don't have to be root.

What happens if I become root ?

If you have any problems don't go cry at the Bocal.

Ok, but some revisions of packages seems quite old

Well you may not have the right to install new packages but you can do updates.
PackageKit is configured so you can do this.
Simply type pkcon update in a terminal to update your OS.

It's still not the version of somepackage that I want

Maybe the package haven't be upgraded at the openSUSE side. Just wait or compile it yourself.

What do I do if I encounter a problem ?

Go see an Astek or an AER, they'll guide you.

Ok thanks !

You're welcome.